Beer Trail Coming to Connecticut?

Many states have their 'wine trail', a system designed to let visitors tour the different vineyards, wineries and wine tasting options in the area. However, what state has a 'beer trail'? Well, if things go the way they seem to be going, Connecticut might just be able to lay claim to that. How would such a beer trail work, though? 

The Connecticut Beer Trail (if it comes to pass) will be modeled on their Wine Trail. It would connect the different breweries throughout Connecticut, as well as various brewpubs where people could sample some of the beers crafted in the state. There would also be an emphasis placed on promotional activities and the like, to help people learn more about the current state of brewing in Connecticut, as well as the rich history involved with beer brewing. There's already a website up, as well. You can check it out over at

However, if you think that Connecticut is the first state to do something like this, you would be mistaken. Maine actually has their own beer trail. The Maine Beer Trail dates back the mid '80s, when the state became one of the leaders in the craft beer movement (seems like a lot of states make that particular claim). The Maine Beer Trail offers quite a few options for visitors, as well. In addition, there are even prizes that you can win for visiting a certain number of breweries.

The Main Beer Trail includes quite a long list of breweries – 25 to be exact. These range from Allagash Brewing to Shipyard Brew Pub and more in between. For visiting five breweries on the list (and getting your pass stamped at each), you can win a baseball cap from one of the breweries. For visiting 10 of the breweries, you can win a t-shirt from a brewery. Finally, if you manage to visit ever brewery on the list, you get an entire prize pack, jammed with beer gear from local breweries.

New York launched their brew trail in 2006, and Virginia has an unofficial one, as well. In fact, if you look closely enough, you might just find one in your home state. Following the trail can give you some great times – even if you can't win prizes like you do in Maine, the real prize is being able to visit local breweries, get to know the brewers and sample some of their product.