New Beers Designed for the LGBT Community

Today, it seems like there's a beer for everything. There are beers for every season, from spring to winter. There are beers to commemorate specific events or to celebrate historic milestones. Yes, there certainly does seem to be a brew to fit all occasions. Recently, the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community even got their own brews – two beers targeted specifically at this growing community. 

The company behind this push is Minerva Brewing, located in Mexico. Minerva released two specific beers in their Artisan Honey Ales line – Salamandra Artisanal Cerveza and Purple Hand Beer. The two names were chosen specifically for their references within the LGBT community – they're drawn from the rainbow flag, as well as from the 1969 boycott of the San Francisco Examiner. Both of these beers are brewed with organic honey and all-natural ingredients, but it is hardly the ingredients that are making headlines.

Interestingly, the labels on both types of beer are designed to be easily removed and used to show pride and support within the LGBT community. Already, the beers have made a big impact in the Mexican market. They're being served in bars from Puerto Vallarta to Mexico City and all points in between. The company has plans for the future, as well. There's a strawberry beer in the works, and a Purple Hand bar is being constructed, as well.

Already, the brewery has reported enormous demand for both beers from the international market, most notably from the US and from Europe. Currently, neither option is available outside of Mexico, but given the growing demand, it is only a matter of time before they can be purchased Stateside. Of course, this isn't the first time that the LGBT community and the world of craft beers have intersected. In fact, partnerships between these two communities have become increasingly common. Consider the St Kilda Pride March co-sponsored by Anita Brewing in Victoria, Australia. 

The march is an annual event held in the town, and draws an enormous number of people. This year, Anita Brewing will be providing the alcohol for the after event, held at a local park. There are many other instances of cooperation between the LGBT community and craft brewers, as well. If the results of Minerva Brewing's latest additions to the beer market are as big as expected, you can certainly expect to see more such offerings and cooperative events, as well.