Plan Your Spring Beer Fest!

While winter hasn't exactly ended yet, and snow continues to dump down across much of the US, things are heating up in another area. Spring beer fests are in the works – most beer lovers will only have to wait until April to get their dose of craft beer fun and enjoyment. What are some of the top festivals that will be happening across the nation this spring? Here's a glimpse of things to come!

2011 Portland Beer and Wine Fest

If you'll be in or around Portland, Oregon near the end of April, this is a definite must-attend event. This beer fest happens April 22 and 23, and gives you the chance to enjoy local craft beers, as well as local wines and cheeses. There will be gourmet cooking classes, local bands playing both days and a chance to actually talk to the brewers and vintners at the event.

The Great International Beer Festival

For those who will be in Providence, Rhode Island, during the beginning of April, the chance to attend this incredible event shouldn't be missed. It really is the "biggest beer fest ever" as it's billed. The event only lasts a single day (Saturday, April 9), but you'll find that it runs from 1 to 4 pm and then again from 6:30 to 10 pm. A ticket gets you great food, live bands playing and unlimited beer tasting (which is why you really want to go). 

Celebration of the Suds

This April 1 marks the 6th annual Celebration of the Suds, held in Atlantic City, New Jersey. You'll find that this event offers tasting sessions all weekend long, starting Friday afternoon and running through Sunday. In addition, there will 75 different microbrews in attendance. Of course, you'll also get live music and lots of food here, as well.

Classic City Brew Fest

April 10 marks the 16th annual Classic City Brew Fest in Athens, Georgia. This is an indoor event, held at the Foundry Park Inn in downtown Athens. You'll find 250 different beers to sample, live music to enjoy and more. Proceeds for ticket sales here go to the Athens Area Humane society, but they sell out quickly, so get yours now so you can attend.

Of course, there are tons of other local beer fests that will debut this spring, all across the nation. It is never too early to starting coming up with a game plan so which ones are you planning to attend?