Beer Up Your Smartphone

Smartphones are everywhere these days. It seems like everyone has an iPhone, a Blackberry or an Android phone of some sort. These handy little devices are great for any number of things – email, social networking, keeping notes and playing games are just a few of them. However, did you know that your Smartphone can actually help you enjoy the world of beer a bit more? There are apps for everything from finding craft brew locations nearby to novelty items and more. Here are some of the top beer apps for your phone.

Gallagher's Beer Guide

If you have ever wondered what a specific type of beer was all about, but didn't know where to ask, this app is a great source of information. This is an ideal solution for novices, as well as those who want to explore the world of beer without spending money on a pint they might not like.

BAC Calculator

The BAC calculator app is one that might just help you stay out from behind the wheel. While it is not the same thing as taking a breathalyzer test, this app will help you calculate just how much alcohol you have circulating in your bloodstream and give you your BAC results, as well as whether or not you're safe to drive according to your state laws.

Beer Match

Have you ever wondered what the best type of beer was to pair with a specific dish? Well, wonder no more. This app does all the hard work for you. You'll find that you can pair any of 31 different styles of beer with your dish of choice, allowing you to make the best possible pairing for your dining needs.

iBeers Pro

Have you ever wondered what the perfect beer for you might be? This little app lets you search through a directory of almost 3,000 different beers to find one that offers the characteristics you most enjoy. However, it does not have GPS functionality as some other apps do, so it won't direct you to the nearest brewpub serving that beer.

Happy Houred

Looking for the best beer during happy hour? This app will help you search your local area for the best deals, as well as the best types of beer. A significant number of results in this app are generated by users, so you can expect to find more pubs all the time (and you can contribute to the growing list, as well).