DIY Beer Taps Coming Soon?

When you hit your favorite bar or restaurant and order your preferred brew, it seems only natural that your server should bring it to you. However, that might not be the case for that much longer. Taking a cue from the self-serve soda fountains that can be found in most fast food restaurants today, a new DIY dispensing system just might be coming your way. What is this system and how does it work?


TableTenders is a system invented by an Atlanta company, Table Tap LLC. The system is remarkably simple. A series of taps is installed at each table. The diners and drinkers can then sample each as they like, drinking at their own pace. There are some significant advantages to be found here that go far beyond being able to serve yourself.

You Avoid the Bar

How many times have you stood at a crowded bar and waited to be noticed, or waited endlessly for the bartender to finally get around to you? With this new system, there’s no longer a problem of long waits to refill your mug. When you finish one, just hit the tap at your table and refill it on your own!

You Avoid the Server

Servers are an important part of any restaurant and they can make or break an establishment’s reputation. However, busy nights usually mean that you have to wait until your server has a chance to check on your situation to get a refill on your beer. On very busy days that can take quite some time. With TableTenders, that’s no longer a problem. Just pour yourself a fresh mug and off you go.

Buy the Horse, But Not the Cart

How often have you wanted to try a particular beer but didn’t want to pay for an entire pint just to see if you liked it? TableTenders serves up charges based on the ounce – not by the serving. That means that you can sample a few ounces of each beer on tap at your table and come off cheaper than buying a glass of each.

Computer Controls

TableTenders operates with a computer control system – both at your table and for the venue. You can see how much you’re being charged via an LCD screen, and make your drinking decisions based on that information. The restaurant or bar can also track how much you have consumed. However, the system has a 32-ounce limit per person that will immediately shut down the tap once it’s been reached.