Get Your Beer Fest On – UK Pub Rocks a 19-Day Festival

Beer festivals are nothing new here in the States. It seems like every state has their own spring or summer festival. Just take a look at the weeklong festival held in Arizona, one of the best in the nation. However, the UK also does things up right when it comes to festivals. In fact, there's one pub across The Pond that is doing their best to make the entire world sit up and take notice. The pub is called The Jack Fairman, and it's located in Horley, Surrey, Great Britain. The 19-day beer festival is drawing attention throughout the UK and the world.

The Jack Fairman will play host to the festival, which will run from the 23rd of March through the 10th of April. It will showcase numerous beer types from the UK, as well as some interesting stuff from the international scene. There will be some American beers offered, and there will be a Jamaican stout offered, brewed by a female brewer and shipped right to the festival. There will also be brews from Australia, the Netherlands and Sweden on offer, as well.

For locals, the festival is a chance to show off some of their own brewing skills. There will be several specialty beers on offer from local brewers, and they will all feature some unique ingredients used specifically for the event. Local brewers will be using licorice, chocolate, hone, ginger and fruit to help flavor their brews.

Quite a few UK beers will also be on offer during the 19-day festival, including offerings from otter Brewery, Jennings' and Wells and Young's, as well. Most of the brews have never been featured at the tavern before, with many of the international beers only now being offered within the UK. This represents a great opportunity for area residents as well as visitors to check out some of the best, most unique brews from around the world, as well as to check out the innovation of some local brewers doing their thing.

All customers will be able to purchase a 3-drink sampler (with 1/3 pint glasses) for just the cost of a regular pint, though standard pints will also be available for festival goers. There will also be tasting notes available on all of the selections offered at The Jack Fairman during the festival. In all, this festival offers a lot of enjoyment for those who attend, both locals and travelers.