Heineken on the March – World Domination on the Menu?

Heineken is perhaps the best known brand in the world when it comes to beer. While those in the US might immediately think of Budweiser or Bud Light, when it comes to the rest of the world, Heineken seems to be the brand that first comes to mind when premium beer is mentioned. The brand is on the march, as well, expanding their market share even further. In fact, the company has recently announced new operations in Mexico, as well as throughout the rest of Latin America and the Caribbean. 

Recently, Heineken purchased Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma, where the brand is beginning operations in one of Mexico's most advanced breweries. They have also introduced new can and bottle designs specifically for the market. The new bottles are long necked, and quite different from the stubby things that most of us here in the States can buy. They are also embossed, rather than being the plain green things that most US drinkers are used to seeing. The new labeling program uses what are called tactile inks in the design.

The same brewery where Heineken is now being brewed is also responsible for some of the most famous brands of Mexican beer, including Dos Equis, as well as Tecate and Sol. Heineken is expanding rapidly throughout Latin America as beer lovers here begin to become more interested in premium brands. Previously, the focus had been on cheaper, lower end brews, but many consumers have developed a taste for better brews. The region is expected to continue seeing growth in the premium segment, as well. Heineken has long had a presence in South America and throughout many Latin American nations, but this represents the first concerted effort at raising brand awareness in Mexico, itself.

Mexico is also home to a growing craft beer scene, though it is not on the same scale as the US craft scene. How the new push from Heineken will affect this growing segment has yet to be seen, but experts predict that it will definitely cut into the growth potential for small brewers hoping to tap into the higher end of the craft scene. Still, growth in the Mexican market is a good thing, and is a sign of even better things to come. Mexico has already positioned itself well with many other brands, and the introduction of Heineken's new platform shows the value and potential attached to this Latin American market.