Redhook Goes Back to Basics for Their Birthday

Redhook is one of the founding breweries in the craft beer industry, and the company is coming up on their 30th anniversary. It's difficult to believe that it has been 30 full years since they first started brewing, but it's true. For their 30th birthday, Redhook wants to go back to the basics – they're changing things up, and it's for the better. 

The changes will be most notable in the company's packaging and labeling, though they do go a bit deeper. What will lovers of the brand find? There are several different changes in the works. The first will be to the packaging and labeling used for Redhook products. Every beer produced by the company will have its own unique labels, but they will all be easy to see in the store aisle, ensuring that customers can easily locate their preferred brew, buy it and get out of the store. There will also be a beer-meter on each bottle helping buyers determine if the beer is dark, bold, smooth or refreshing.

There are also changes coming to the company's bottles and caps. The bottles will be simple affairs with no embossing or other extras. However, all the bottle caps will feature themes, words or images from the company's history, so lovers of the brand will be able to enjoy a bit of company character and culture with every beer.

The new look comes as part of a company-wide change. The "back to the roots" movement is designed to help the company's products better match their culture and personality. Redhook has always been about great beer, but it's also a company dedicated to having a good time. It's not about being the most inventive brewery or using the most unique ingredients. It's about making a great brew and enjoying life right now.

Redhook started life in a transmission shop during the early 1980s. It was started to give the residents of Seattle a tastier alternative to major brews and their bland characters. The company made a lot of headway early on and was even the first craft beer brand to enjoy national distribution. Since then, they have remained true to their vision of creating the best beer possible for their customers but felt that the company's branding needed to be pulled back into line with their ethics and personality – the new packaging, bottles and labeling certainly helps to achieve that goal.