Seattle – Beer Hotspots in the Pacific Northwest

Seattle is the home of eternal rain and the Space Needle; however, you'll also find that the city is home to a number of great beer spots. If you're going to be in town (or already live here), then you should certainly know the best place to get an excellent brew. 

One of the preeminent local spots to enjoy a great beer and a good time is over at Brouwer's Café. Here, you'll find more than 60 beers on tap, plus one of the largest selections of bottled beer in the Pacific Northwest. Of course, the food menu is great, too, and the location is host to a wealth of local events that can really be a blast.

Elysian Capitol Hill is another great place to relax with a good beer. You'll find this brewery on Capitol Hill, and it's been there since 1996. The brewery offers a wide range of standard beer offerings, but there are some great seasonal beers and special releases, too. Check out the Wise ESB if you're of a mind, or sample the Immortal India Pale Ale. 

Collins Pub on Pioneer Square is also a good place to hit if you're feeling a bit thirsty. Here, you'll find tons of craft beers, as well as imports if you prefer them. There are 25 taps on offer. The pub also manages to serve up most of the special release beers on offer from the city's craft brewers, so this is a good place to come to sample some special local offerings.

If you want something that is a bit stronger, head over to Uber Tavern on Aurora Avenue. Here, you'll find some very strong ABV beers. The beer menu is made up of local, regional, national and international beers. However, the emphasis is always on the quality of the beer. You can be sure that anything that makes it onto the menu at Uber Tavern is going to be good.

Stumbling Monk is a great stop located in Capitol Hill. However, you won't find an immense list of beers, nor will you find a super elegant atmosphere. The Stumbling Monk is all about being comfortable and relaxed – unpretentious. Nevertheless, you will find a good selection of the city's best beers, as well as standard offerings from major beer companies. However, if you're looking for good prices, this is perhaps the best place in the city.