Taps, Taps, Taps – The Growing Trend of "More Is Better"

Once upon a time, a visit to your local watering hole might have yielded a handful of beers on tap. This held true for most of the 20th century, and an into the 21st century. However, times are changing. More and more bars and brewpubs are adding more and more taps – today, you'll find that your local watering hole might have a bewildering array of beers available on tap. What's behind this growing trend? Actually, there are some very good reasons for this.

Greater Variety

As today's beer lovers have become more and more acquainted with craft brews, they are more and more often demanding that the bars and pubs they visit have a selection of different beverages on tap. The same aficionado might order a Russian Imperial Stout and follow that up with an IPA. The vast world of craft brewing has given drinkers the ability to enjoy a very wide range of flavors and styles, and more and more drinkers demand that their local bars give them access to the widest range of these possible.

Social Destinations

Increasingly, pubs and bars with more styles on tap are viewed as something more than just a local watering hole. In fact, they are becoming social destinations in their own right. Rather than hitting a series of bars, people are beginning to spend more time in just one bar or pub – as long as it offers a long list of beers on tap. This offers bar and pub operators better profitability, so you can bet they are taking notice of this new trend.

Standing Out from the Crowd

Because not all bars and pubs are offering an endless row of taps, those that do are able to capitalize on visibility. It gives them another platform on which to stand, from which to market their business. It makes them more visible to potential customers and beer lovers all around the local area, and also pulls in visitors from adjacent areas looking to enjoy the atmosphere and the unique brews available at these locations.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons for bars and pubs to start offering tap after tap of different beer. You'll find that some have 40 or 50 taps available at all times. This provides you with the ability to enjoy almost anything you might like and to learn more about some of the nation's best up and coming craft brews.