Drinking and Driving Go Hand in Hand

Ordinarily, you only hear drinking and driving used in reference to someone committing a crime. However, if you have a hankering for a hoppy brew and a need for speed, you now have an alternative to going directly to jail – the Octane 120 Pro Beer Arcade. This handy little invention combines the love of two things: blazing fast speed and great beer. It does so in a virtual way that keeps you safe and on the good side of the law, but still helps you have a ton of fun. What’s it all about?

The Octane 120 Pro is a gaming system but it’s not your average PlayStation or Xbox 360. It’s an arcade game just like you’ll find in any arcade in the US. However, this one has a difference. It’s built to dispense beer while you’re burning rubber. Built as a full seat cockpit racer, the Octane 120 Pro offers three foot pedals (gas, brake and clutch), a full steering wheel, gearshift and adjustable seat in a sleek, black cockpit with flames blazing down the sides. It’s even got a force-feedback system for more realism.

The system is connectible to a PS3, and comes with a two-player control panel as well. A 1080p HD projector is mounted to the front of the arcade game and projects onto a screen of your choice. It also comes with 200 games to play. However, that’s not all you’ll find here.

The real beauty of the Octane 120 Pro (at least for beer lovers) is the built-in storage and dispensing system. The arcade system holds two five-gallon kegs (or a single ½ barrel) behind the seat. In the dash, you will find a beer tap with a cup holder. To pour yourself a fresh glass, simply put your glass in the holder, pull the handle on the tap and fill to your desired level – there’s no need to even get out of the seat!

Of course, this isn’t your average console game when it comes to price either. You’ll have to be willing to pony up some serious cash if you want this beauty in your entertainment room. The Octane 120 Pro retails for $5995, plus shipping and handling. While that is certainly not pocket change, it’s one of the most innovative systems out there and the only one to combine beer and racing! There’s even a tap on the back so others can pour a glass while you’re turning and burning.