Female Brewers: A Growing Focus

When you take a peek inside the craft brew industry, chances are good that you’re going to find lots of men. That holds true on both sides of the Pond – men dominate both the UK and American craft beer scenes. That doesn’t mean that there are no female brewers out there though. In fact, things might just be changing in this traditionally male-dominated world. What’s on tap here? There are quite a few things going on.

First, the UK is home to a new beer developed by female brewers for female drinkers. Venus Jade debuted recently. A combination effort between several different female brewers, this beer is specifically designed to please female consumers and also highlights the brewing skills of women brewers in the UK.

There are other signs that things are changing in the beer industry as well. For instance, Eve was released by Carlsberg UK as a low-calorie, low-alcohol fruit spritzer for women. Other entries include an initiative from Molson Coors called the BitterSweet Partnership. Both Carlsberg and Molson Coors are using advanced market research methods to create advocacy campaigns to help female drinkers understand that beer is not “just for men”. Obstacles they will have to overcome include the preconception that beer has more calories than other alcoholic beverages and that beer served in a bottle or regular pint glass is not appealing.

There are other similar efforts underway in the US, though the female market in the States has traditionally been more welcoming to beer than that in the UK. In the States, the main issue for craft breweries will be overcoming the “light beer is best” mentality that has most female beer drinkers focusing on products like Bud Light. The creation of fruit beverages and lighter flavored beers in general by US female brewers can help to bring down this particular wall.

While both female drinkers and brewers are still in the minority on both sides of the Atlantic, things are changing. You can expect to see more and more major brewing companies focusing in this demographic but you will also see more craft brewers getting in on the action. As this trend emerges, women-brewer organizations like the Pink Boots Society and others will play an integral role in educating women about the world of beer and brewing, as well as helping to spread the word that beer is not a drink for men alone.