New Zealand Company Brings Innovative All-in-One Brewing System to Market

Anyone who has ever brewed beer at home knows just how long the process takes and how many steps there are to follow. It can be enormously time consuming and it can also require a very large amount of equipment and dedicated space. One company has aimed to take the pain out of the process involved with brewing beer at home. WilliamsWarn has developed an all-in-one system that takes you from brewing to serving and does so in about a week’s time.

The system in question is the WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery, a stainless steel personal beer factory designed for home brewers who want to enjoy the benefits of making their own beer but want to do it more quickly and with less fuss. What’s the Personal Brewery got on doing it the old fashioned way? It’s got quite a few advantages actually. First, the machine goes from wort to serving in just seven days. While that might not appeal to all home brewers, particularly those who prefer longer fermentation and clarification times, it is a good thing for many people.

Another advantage of the Personal Brewery is the fact that it’s a self-contained system. You don’t have to heat your ingredients on the stove, pour into a bucket and then move the bucket to your fermentation location. Everything is added to the machine and it stays there. The brew is heated in a conical fermenter, which also doubles as a pressurized fermentation vessel. A pressure regulator keeps the entire operation at a safe level and the beer is naturally carbonated during the process. You’ll also find that there’s no need to move your brew to another vessel for clarification. The Personal Brewery uses a clarification agent to clear things up right in the primary vessel. All you have to do is attach a container to the bottom to remove the sediment as it settles out.

Once clarification has happened, you change the temperature setting on the Personal Brewery and it will chill your beer. The six-gallon tank is pressurized and there’s even a tap built in to the machine so you can dispense your pints directly from it without having to worry about bottling or storing your brew in the refrigerator.

While the system is pretty innovative, there is a downside – the price. At $4,500, most home brewers are not likely to rush out and buy one no matter how beneficial it might be.