Beer Lover and Green Proponent Builds Beer Bottle Castle in Argentina

Green home construction has certainly been big news in recent years, with new environmentally friendly building materials coming to market and new construction methods that are better for the environment as well. However, an Argentinian man has taken that quite a bit further and combined his love for beer with recycling and building. He built a home from used beer bottles. This “beer castle” stands several stories tall and is made completely from salvaged or recycled materials.

It took the man more than 20 years to amass a collection of more than 6 million beer bottles. The bottles are fitted together with mortar to make walls and even formed around other structures allowing the man to construct windows and doorways. White, green, blue and brown bottles are used throughout the home’s construction, giving the building unique color patterns as well as the distinction of being the only home built with beer bottles.

Located in the Argentinian town of Quilmes, the home’s size is truly astounding. Tito Ingenieri constructed the place over the course of two decades and even mixed his own mortar for the work. Even the interior walls of the place are made from bottles (both glass and plastic). Pieces of scrap iron are also used here and there throughout the construction as well. When it comes to going green, this Argentinian is certainly leading the pack.

While Tito’s home was essentially completed in 2010, he continues to add on and regularly makes runs into town to retrieve more bottles from other residents. He’s made quite a reputation for himself in Quilmes and residents of the town regularly leave bags of plastic and glass bottles out for him. Incidentally, Ingenieri has also helped to clean up the town by removing tons of plastic and glass that would have otherwise littered the streets or made their way to the landfill eventually.

Quilmes is a major brewing city in Argentina as well, so it seems fitting that Tito Ingenieri built his home here. In addition to being an eye-catching edifice, he says it also helps him to recognize changes in the weather, as the exposed bottle openings catch the wind as it changes and alert him about storms coming in. While the home might be a bit out of the norm, it certainly is a testament to what can be achieved by those with the desire to follow their own paths.