Disney Adds New Beer Offerings

Does the thought of spending days wandering around the various Disneyland theme parks make you want to run away and hide? Well, while there’s little that can be done about the cartoon motif throughout, there are some interesting changes coming to the various menus on offer with the area’s eateries. Two of the most significant changes include a wider range of decent food options and the appearance of more beer choices.

Disney Diners Get with the Times

In the past, dining at Disneyland meant enjoying subpar quality fast food. Burgers and fries were the norm, with corndogs and chilidogs thrown in for good measure. While there was higher end fare available, it was pretty limited and most people didn’t know where to find it. Today though, you’ll find that high-end specialty burgers are available, but that’s not all.

Quite a few healthy meal options will be available, including new salads, flatbread sandwiches and specialty vegetables too. Of course, you’ll still have your run of the mill offerings like cheese pizza or a plain cheeseburger for those who don’t want to venture beyond the pale. The good news here is that it makes dining in the park not only more enjoyable, but more acceptable to a lot of visitors who might have stepped outside the park to another dining option. There are new bar/restaurants opening in the area too. These include Trader Sam’s and Tangaroa Terrance, both of which will offer specialty food and drinks for park visitors.

Specialty Beer Comes to Disneyland

Of course, with new food options you have to have new beverage options too. To accommodate that, Disney is rolling out a new specialty beer stand. Bayside Brews (found in the Paradise Pier area) will serve up decent suds for visitors. On offer will be Karl Strauss Seasonal, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Pacifico and Blue Moon. There will also be a beer truck making rounds in the Pacific Wharf area, though patrons will only be able to buy Karl Strauss beers from it.

When Will the Changes Come?

All of these changes are part of a multi-billion dollar makeover to Disney’s California park. Some of the changes have gone live already but most won’t debut until later in 2011 – about the middle of summer. That might be just the incentive you need to plan and execute your family vacation at Disneyland. After all, if you can get good food and good beer, you can surely handle the crowds, right?