Giving the Gift of Beer

Finding the perfect gift for the committed beer lover in your life (even if that's you) can be difficult.  It's hard to buy the right type of beer, even when you know the basic style that piques that person's interest.  Where does that leave you?  Actually, there are ways that you can give the gift of beer.  Perhaps the best is to buy someone a membership in a beer of the month club.  How exactly do these work?

These programs are pretty similar to others out there – wine of the month clubs, book of the month clubs, cheese of the month clubs and so on.  In essence, once you sign up and buy a membership, the recipient of your alcoholic gift will receive a beer selection every month for a year.  After that, they have the option to renew their membership, or let it cancel.

What's so great about a beer of the month club, though?  First, it's all about selection.  If you were to try to sample the thousands of craft beers these clubs have access to on your own (or your recipient did), then you would have to travel all over the nation.  While that might sound fun, most people don't have the time for several months on the road just to enjoy great craft beers.  That's where the beer of the month club comes in!

With these clubs, your recipient is able to enjoy some of the best brews from all around the country, from stouts to pale ales, red ales to hefeweizens and everything in between, all without ever having to leave home.

Most of these clubs offer different membership levels, as well. The lowest level usually gives you a handful of different beers (3), while the next level offers 4 per month.  There are also different types of memberships for those who enjoy domestic and international beers, as well as those with a taste for industry rarities.

With a membership, you usually get more than just beer – there's usually an interesting newsletter or magazine included, as well as membership in a members-only beer website where the recipient can interact with other confirmed beer lovers. 

As you can see, buying into a beer of the month club is an excellent option for those looking for an innovative, creative gift for a beer lover.  Of course, you can buy one for yourself, too, and get in on the fun.