Jigger Ale Makes Its US Debut

Unless you’ve had the chance to visit Scotland’s Jigger Inn or the Old Course Hotel in St. Andrews, chances are good that you’ve never had a chance to sample Jigger Ale. This special Scottish brew offers a great taste and is an ideal session beer but it’s never been available on this side of the Atlantic before. That all changed at the Kohler Festival of Beer when Jigger Ale was tapped at the Beers around the World tent.

Jigger Ale is an amber ale with a hint of bitterness that seems to be one of the hallmarks of this style. Brewed by Belhaven Brewery, Jigger is finally getting some attention here in the States. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to run down to your local bottle shop or convenience store and pick up a 6-pack. If you want to enjoy this special brew, you will have to venture out to one of the handful of locations that’s serving it. You’ll find you can get a pint or two of Jigger at Whistling Straits, the Horse and Plow or over at Blackwolf Run. All three are located in the American Club resort, situated in Kohler, WI.

Jigger is a lightweight ale, at least in terms of alcohol content. It was designed so that drinkers could enjoy more than one pint at a time and not suffer from high alcohol content. That doesn’t mean that it’s light on taste, though! Those lucky enough to make it up to Wisconsin will find that Jigger offers an excellent example of a traditional Scottish ale with plenty of taste and character. In short, it’s the perfect beer for the confirmed international beer lover who wants something that packs in the flavor but won’t weigh them down or have such high alcohol content that drinking more than one would be unwise.

Jigger debuted to considerable fanfare and was definitely well received by those in attendance in the Beers around the World tent. Of course, not all those who sampled it fell immediately in love with the brew. Some were put off by the beer’s slightly bitter finish and others were more inclined to sample the porters and stouts in the tent. However, if you’re looking for a traditional Scottish amber ale and are in the area, you really should check out what Jigger Ale has to offer. After all, how often will you be in Kohler in the future?