Robots and Beer Cans: An Evil Plot to Disappoint Drinkers

We’ve all been there before. You’re at a gathering, a cookout or a party and you just can’t seem to remember where you put your beer. Few of us have actually had the chance to witness our beer walking away from us though. That’s all going to change thanks to a Japanese inventor. Ron Tajima has created the perfect party prank for those hoping to pull one over on their guests – a beer can robot capable of walking away from drinkers.

How It Works

The “CanBot” is a deceptively simple-looking device. On the outside, it looks just like a can of beer. However, that all changes when the remote control is activated. At the push of a button (right now, Tajima is using a modified Wii remote) the can transforms into a mobile device of deception. Three robotic legs appear from beneath the can and propel it wherever the controller wants it to go. Pressing the “home” button on the Wii remote puts the robot back into its stealth mode, awaiting another unsuspecting drinker.

What’s It Do?

For those wondering what the whole point is here, it’s really all about fun. CanBot offers a unique prank option for fun gatherings, though there is no beer inside. Tajima might be able to eventually offer a robotic beer can that actually contains a small amount of beer – at least enough to make the hoax a bit more convincing. 

Other than that, CanBot certainly does offer another avenue of attack for robots bent on exterminating the human race. It might just be the most insidious tool of a malevolent computer over-mind, giving robots the ability to deny their human masters liquid refreshment.

Where Can You Buy One?

If you are interested in buying a 6-pack of robotic beer cans to fool unsuspecting guests at your next get-together, you’ll have to wait. Tajima is only in the prototype phase, though the excitement about the robot is such that it might eventually make its way into fulltime production. If so, it will join the ranks of a host of other robotic beer gadgets already on the market, like the robotic beer launcher invented last year or the robotic all-in-one beer brewery that debuted early in 2011. It seems that high technology has come to the world of beer in some surprising (and worrisome for those fearful of a robotic revolution) ways.