The Beer Revolution: Options Abound – Finally

Once upon a time, if you wanted a beer you had to settle for one of only a handful of different options on the market. There was even a time when Coors couldn’t be sold past the Rocky Mountains, limiting folks in the other parts of the nation to Budweiser or Miller for the most part. That’s all changed thanks to the beer revolution. Craft beer has hit it big and beer lovers are the ones benefiting most from the changes. What’s behind the revolution though?

Better Technology

One of the most important things that has enabled the current beer revolution is the growth and change of brewing technology. What once required an immense investment to get started with even a small operation can now be done with a shoestring budget. This has enabled anyone and everyone interested in brewing their own beer to do so, no matter where they are located in the nation. The wider availability and cheaper cost of brewing equipment has also helped to ensure better quality in home-brewed batches.

Better Ingredients

Back in the days when Bud and Miller reigned supreme, beer ingredients were not particularly widely available to everyone. That’s not so today. You can buy malt and hops online – you can buy almost any type of flavoring from an online retailer too. On top of the Internet-only options, most areas now have at least one dedicated brewing supply store where adventuresome would-be brewers can purchase anything needed, get advice on brewing and more.

Legal Considerations

Of course, all the equipment and ingredients in the world would not do you any good if strict alcohol laws were still the rule across most of the nation. Thankfully, that’s not the case any longer. Many areas of the country have relaxed their laws regarding home brewing and some states are actively encouraging the growth of nano and microbreweries. After all, those breweries represent tax money for the state and local governments so it’s simply good business sense to allow brewers to do their thing unfettered by restrictive, outmoded alcohol laws.

The Result

The result of these changes has been an explosion in the number of beer brands and types available almost everywhere. Beer lovers can head to their local grocery store and find craft beers, and the number of beer celebrations and festivals dedicated to small breweries has grown exponentially too. In short, it’s a beer lover’s world out there – go and enjoy it!