The Many Uses for (Good) Beer

For most people in the world, beer has a single use – quenching your thirst and satisfying your need for a relaxing beverage.  However, beer has a wide range of other uses that might not be apparent at first.  While drinking your beer is certainly the best use for it, there are some others out there that might surprise you more than a little bit.

Shampoo – Actually, this use has been around for quite some time.  It seems that the natural ingredients of many beers can add both body and shine to your hair, without using harsh chemicals to achieve those results.  Of course, just pouring a can over your head isn't likely to result in anything more than a mess, so you'll need to reduce the beer first, and then mix it with your shampoo.

Cooking – Beer has been used in cooking for as long as beer has existed.  This is a very happy combination for most people, and there are myriad ways that you can add your beverage of choice to your meal preparation.  Beer bread is incredibly popular, but it also works well as a meat tenderizer, as a marinade component and as a direct ingredient in dishes like chili.

Upset Stomach – Beer, apparently, can be used to help cure an upset stomach.  This is mostly due to the carbonation in the beverage, though the alcohol can also have a calming effect.  Of course, this isn't a good remedy for a sick kid, but it might be just what the doctor ordered for you!

Furniture Polish – Strangely enough, flat beer can help to revive wood furniture with a finish that has seen better days.  You'll need some old, warm, stale beer and a good microfiber cloth.  Simply rub the beer into the furniture with the cloth and you will restore its shine to a considerable degree.

Polish Copper – If you have copper pots or copper décor, then keeping it shiny and new looking can be tough.  However, a bit of beer on that polishing rag might be just the way to go.  Apparently, the acid in beer works well to eat away at discoloration.  Just pour a bit on, let it sit and then wipe it all away.

Pass a Kidney Stone – Finally, if you are suffering with kidney stones, then beer can actually help you pass those stones.  Beer can help to stimulate your ureters, as well as dampening the pain of passing a kidney stone.  Don’t do this if you are taking painkillers or other medication, though.

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