Tweet Up a Beer – Technology and Beer

Baseball and technology are two of America’s favorite things. More and more, those seemingly disparate pastimes are joining hands too. One of the most interesting developments in this burgeoning world is the fact that you can now order a beer in two MLB parks via Twitter. All you have to do is tweet your row and seat number to the vendor’s Twitter account and your beer is on the way!

Ball fans and beer lovers have considerable reason to rejoice. Being able to order a beer with a tweet means no more standing in line forever while the game goes on without you. It also means no more disappointment when you finally get to the vendor only to find out that they’re sold out. The first place to offer this type of service was the Mariner’s Safeco Field, where Kevin Zelko began offering Twitter beer orders for his specific area of the stadium. It grew rapidly from that point, and Zelko even used it to generate $2,000 in charitable donations for emergency relief to Japan from a single game.

You can also tweet for a beer in Philadelphia, at Citizen’s Bank Park. Bill Watkins is the tweeting beer vendor here and you’ll find that Watkins responds promptly to all orders. Of course, you’ll find beer and technology conjoined in quite a few other places other than just ballparks and Twitter. New smartphone apps are being developed all the time. Many of these let you locate where a particular beer is being served in your area. Others let you find brewpubs, bars and restaurants that serve craft beer. Some of the best apps out there also integrate reviews and ratings, pricing information and beer schedules so that you’ll know what to expect when you walk through the door.

Even big name brewers are getting into the act. Heineken recently released an app that combines social media, sports, beer and gaming. They released a free app that’s available for iPhone users, as well as accessible via Facebook to connect sports fans around the world and help them communicate (as well as find beer). 

Don’t expect Heineken to be the only company to get in on the technology/beer connection. As more and more brewers realize just how much their drinkers rely on their technological gadgets like the iPad, iPhone and Android devices, you can expect to see a flood of other apps hitting the market.