Beer Savers – Saving Your Beer from Threats Large and Small

Stale beer is bad beer.  How many times have you poured out a beer because you didn't want to finish it right then, but knew that if you jammed the screw cap back on it would just go stale?  Well, Beer Savers might just have an answer to that problem, as well as several other concerns that beer lovers have.  These innovative, reusable bottle caps are actually pretty interesting.

Beer Savers are a new type of reusable bottle cap made from food grade silicone.  As such, they have a number of different possible uses.  One use is certainly saving the unused portion of your beer for later without worrying about it going stale.  However, they have a number of other uses.  They're great for home brewers, since they're reusable.  Of course, you can't use them for bottle fermenting – you'll still need to use a regular metal crown cap for that. 

However, they can help home brewers in another way, as well.  After sanitizing your bottles, keeping them clean and ready for your brew can be difficult.  Popping a Beer Saver on those cleaned bottles will do the trick, though, and will also free up your space for use in other things – like more clean bottles on the bottle tree!

They're also good for gatherings where you're worried about a guest or partygoer glomming onto your beer.  Since they come in multipacks of different colors, you can cap your beer with a specific color and keep those wandering hands away from your precious brew.

Beer Savers are also safe for the dishwasher, which means that they can be cleaned very easily, unlike many other tools and equipment used in the brewing process.  A home brewer or beer drinker can just pop them in the dishwasher and be sure that they're completely sanitary.

For those worried that Beer Savers won't fit their bottles, you can put those fears aside.  These caps fit most standard beer bottle sizes.  They also fit some larger bottles, though the diameter of the opening should be checked before making a purchase, just to be on the safe side. 

If you're looking for an innovative gift for a beer brewer or lover (or for yourself, if you fall into either of those categories), then a pack or two (they're sold in 6-packs, of course), can be an excellent gift idea.