Making Sense of the Health Benefits Offered by Beer

For most people, beer might not seem to equate directly to health benefits.  It might seem like a potbelly is the only result of drinking too much beer.  Of course, too much beer is also the cause of that nasty hangover.  However, beer can actually have some positive effects on your health that might surprise you more than a little.

Vitamins – Most good beer is made from either barley or wheat, both of which contain tons of essential vitamins and nutrients.  Surprisingly, unlike wine, these vitamins survive the fermentation and bottling process.  So, if you need a boost of vitamins, you might need to look no further than your refrigerator.  Of course, a bottle of beer is not going to give you all the benefits of a good multivitamin, but they can help.

Reduce Stroke – Apparently, according to The New England Journal of Medicine, moderate beer drinkers are actually able to reduce their chance of having a stroke.  In beer drinkers who drank no more than one beer per day (and no less than one per week), the chance of stroke was reduced by up to 20%. 

Reduced Chance of Heart Disease – Most people associate red wine with a reduction in heart disease.  However, beer can give you those same benefits.  Moderate consumption of beer has been shown to reduce the chance of developing heart disease by a staggering 30 to 40% as compared to those who do not drink any alcohol at all.

Fat Free Beverage – If you are looking for a beverage that is both fat and cholesterol free, you need look no further than the bottle of beer in the refrigerator.  This can certainly be an advantage in this modern age of fat and cholesterol-laden food and drink.

Stress Reduction – Drinking to excess can make you carefree, but studies show that moderate beer consumption can have an even better effect on the mind and body.  The alcohol helps to reduce stress, which reduces your chances of heart attack and other conditions, but it can also help you sleep more soundly at night (that does not mean drinking until you pass out, though).

Vitamin B6 – According to recent medical studies, moderate beer consumption can actually increase the level of Vitamin B6 in blood plasma by 30%.  That's a pretty neat trick, and you won't find it with red wine for all of its vaunted health benefits (you can't do it with liquor, either).