New Marketing Tangents for Beer Makers of All Sizes

No matter how good your brew might be, if people don't know about it, then your brewery won't be successful.  This is certainly a loss for beer lovers all over the nation (people like us), but can result in that brewery's offerings vanishing from the market altogether.  To combat this problem and to help themselves stand out from the crowd, breweries all around the world are taking new marketing tangents to help get the word out. 

Perhaps the most visible (and one of the most effective) marketing tools used was the recent lingerie show put on by Red State Brewery, Bits of Lace Fine Lingerie and Southend Brewery.  While the entire affair was really more about gaining exposure for more local businesses, the combination of local breweries and scantily clad local girls showing off lingerie was certainly a memorable event!  It was also enormously successful, as well.

Of course, there are less obvious marketing methods now being employed by both large and small breweries around the world.  Perhaps one of the most effective is using social networks like Twitter and Facebook to spread the word and entice more people to try their products.  Facebook ads, groups and pages have become enormously popular (not to mention successful) ways to grow brand recognition.  Who hasn't been asked to "like" a beer on their Facebook page?

What's the deal with social marketing?  Well, for one thing, it gives people like you and me a way to show our pride in the beers we love to drink.  That translates directly to more success for breweries around the world, simply because of the greater exposure of their brands to our friends and family who might not be familiar with the brewery or their offerings.

Another marketing tangent that seems prime to sweep the world of brewing (and one that offers benefits to someone other than the brewery) is the move toward using green energy during the brewing process.  Several breweries have already started using solar power to help augment their use of electricity from the power grid, and some have even managed to go mostly off-grid.  Sierra Nevada is one of the most visible of these, but there are several other breweries that are dedicated to benefiting the environment and using those steps as marketing tools to entice more consumers to give their products a shot.