The Best Beers of 2010?

Everyone has their preferred brew.  You might like Guinness, or prefer something bottled by Sierra Nevada.  In fact, with the number of craft and nano breweries now operating in the country, you have more options to learn about and love than ever before.  However, what are the top beers out there?  Well, one story in the Mercury News lists off the top 10 beers for 2010.  What are they and how do they stack up to your experience?  Here's the rundown:

Coming in at #10 is the paper lists Sierra Nevada Tumblr Autumn Brown Ale.  It debuted as a new beer from one of the nation's most famous craft breweries and actually seems to be one of the better browns out there.

At #9, we have Lost Abbey Deliverance, from the same brewer that brought us the controversial Witch's Wit label.  Deliverance is actually a blend of the brewery's Angel's Share beer and Serpent's Stout – a unique blend if you've ever tasted one.

#8 was Lagunitas Lil Sumpin' Wild Ale, a wheat beer with three wheat malts and Belgian yeast – it's technically a pale ale.  At #7, you'll find Deschutes Red Chair NWPA, which actually became the company's winter seasonal brew. 

#6 was Marin E. S. Chi, a different type of beer with some serious herbal ingredients.  You'll find 38 pounds of Chinese herbs used in brewing this beer, all added to Marin Brewing's E.S.B.  At #5, you will find Brouwrij De Ryck's Arend Tripel.  Waterloo Imports is responsible for introducing this Belgian brew to the States.

#4 was Shmaltz Lenny's RIPA on Rye – this rye India pale ale was aged in rye whiskey barrels, adding some unique flavors to the brew.  #3 was 21st Amendment Back in Black IPA – a perfect blend of bitterness and roasted malt flavors.  At #2, we find Firestone Walker Parabola, which is technically a Russian imperial stout.  2010 was the first year this beer was available in bottles. 

Finally, coming in at #1, the paper lists another entry from Sierra Nevada – their 30th Anniversary series.  This series offers four different beers, all created by collaborating with noted brewers.

There you have it – the top 10 beers in 2010, at least according to Mercury News.  How do those ratings stack up to your own experiences last year?  What great beers would you add to the list, or would you take some of these off? In the end the only list that should matter is yours.

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