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Meat and Beer – Tastier Than You Might Think

The craft beer market has grown sufficiently and beer lovers have become sophisticated enough that beer and food pairings are now very common. However, sometimes the food isn’t just an accompaniment for the beer, but a key ingredient in the brewing process. Now, habanero and jalapeno peppers are pretty common, as are fruits, berries and other rather conventional foods. No, we’re talking about something else completely.


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Posted on November 1, 2016 and filed under 2016, Beer Styles and Trends.

The New England IPA: Cutting Through the Haze

When it comes to beer styles in the US, the IPA remains the undisputed leader of the pack. Sure, stouts, porters, sours, fruit beers and all the rest rise and fall in popularity, but at the top of the heap, you’ll find IPAs. You only need to look at the shelves of your local bottle shop or grocery store to see just how many different types of IPAs there are today, too. There are West Coast style brews, Southern IPAs, black IPAs and several other options out there. One that’s quickly gaining in both popularity and notoriety is the New England IPA. What sets this style apart from its kin?


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Posted on October 1, 2016 and filed under 2016, Beer Styles and Trends.

Your Guide to Hops: Humulus Lupus and Its Role in Beer

Water, yeast, grain and hops are the four primary ingredients in beer. All of them are absolutely crucial, and have a great deal of impact on the finished product. Everything from the alkalinity of the water to the type of yeast will change the flavor profile, body and character of the beer. Hops, while technically a “flavoring” agent, have a lot more to do with the drinking experience than you might think, and there are a very wide range of types out there that can be used to achieve different goals. 


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Posted on September 1, 2016 and filed under 2016.

The Weirdest Beer and Alcohol Laws on the Books

Most of the US has finally emerged from under the shadow of Prohibition, with a couple of notable holdbacks (we’re looking at you, Georgia). However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some very strange, even Byzantine laws dealing with beer, alcohol and drinking on the books across the country, and even around the world. Given that beer is not only one of the oldest alcoholic beverages in existence, but the single most popular beverage globally, you’d think legislatures would be doing a little more to get rid of this type of legal tomfoolery, but you’d be wrong. So, without further ado, here are some of the strangest beer laws.


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Posted on August 6, 2016 and filed under 2016.

Craft Beer Buyouts: Big Beer Continues Its Snatch and Grab Policy

Craft beer has become hugely popular across the US. It’s grown from a miniscule segment of the market to a $22 billion industry. It’s also the fastest-growing alcohol segment in the world. While Big Beer sees mounting losses, craft beer sees growth and success. If you think that breeds discontent, you’re right. Big Beer isn’t standing idly by while newcomers erode the customer base. 


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Posted on July 1, 2016 and filed under 2016, The Business of Beer.

The Rise of Sours

Beer – it comes in a very wide range of styles, from conventional pilsners and pale ales to more exotic options like black ales and imperial varieties. However, there’s one that you might not know quite so well, and that’s gaining quite a bit of traction among American beer drinkers – sours. Not sure what a sour beer is or why you’d want to drink one in the first place? Think that sour beers only come from Belgium and are limited to just lambics? Let’s clear up some of that confusion.


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Posted on June 1, 2016 and filed under 2016, Beer Styles and Trends.

Beer and Cancer

Hops are used to help preserve beer and to give it the necessary bitterness to balance out the sweetness of the malts. It’s long been known that hops have a lot of interesting capabilities. They’re antibacterial, antifungal and can actually offer quite a few health benefits. However, new research indicates that the little cone-shaped buds might actually be capable of something else – fighting cancer. Can you prevent cancer by downing a cold one? 


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Posted on May 1, 2016 and filed under 2016, Reasons to Drink Beer.

10 Reasons to Visit Your Local Home Brewing Competition

The rise of craft beer has been spurred in large part by the increasing popularity of home brewing. The vast majority of craft beer head brewers started out doing it at home in small batches. They discovered that not only were they able to make a palatable beer, but that they actually enjoyed the process for its own sake. Equal parts cooking and science, brewing is more than an art – it’s a science. But it’s one that you don't need a degree to get into. 


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Posted on April 1, 2016 and filed under 2016, Festivals and Events.

Understanding Winter Warmers and Their Place in Your Beer Fridge

Sure, the cold months of the year are usually dominated by stouts and porters – dark, heavy beers that offer a lot of flavor and complexity. However, they’re also the time of year when craft breweries release their latest winter warmers. What the heck’s a winter warmer and why should you consider opting for one of these rather than that bottle of stout? If you’re not entirely clear on the place of a warmer in your beer fridge, here’s a handy primer.


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Posted on January 1, 2016 and filed under 2016, Beer Styles and Trends.