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10 Reasons to Visit Your Local Home Brewing Competition

The rise of craft beer has been spurred in large part by the increasing popularity of home brewing. The vast majority of craft beer head brewers started out doing it at home in small batches. They discovered that not only were they able to make a palatable beer, but that they actually enjoyed the process for its own sake. Equal parts cooking and science, brewing is more than an art – it’s a science. But it’s one that you don't need a degree to get into. 


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Surviving Your First Brew Fest – Tips and Strategies to Maximize Enjoyment

Brew fests are amazing ways to get to know the world of craft brewing. They come in all shapes and sizes, from small local events to regional and even national events. You’ll find every style of beer imaginable here, as well as some that you might not have imagined (that’s a good thing). However, if you’ve never attended a brew fest before (or even if you have), there are some important things you need to know to ensure that you enjoy it fully, both the day of the festival and the next day.

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Beer Tasting Flights – The Best Way to Dive Right into the Craft Brewing World

When you hear the words, “flight” chances are pretty good that your first thought is of aviation world. However, there’s more here than airplanes. The world of craft beer has beer “tasting flights” and while they’re something different to most drinkers, they’re excellent ways to get up close and personal with some of the new options that have come to market, without the risk of buying an entire 6-pack that you may or may not enjoy. So, what is a beer-tasting flight? What should you know about them? We’ll cover all that and more below.

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American Craft Beer Week Kicks Off

These days it seems like there is some sort of beer-centric celebration held every weekend. Well, if you haven't had quite enough yet, American Craft Beer Week kicks off in the middle of May. This national celebration of all that is great and good about craft brewing is a bit different from other celebrations and festivals that you might have attended, though. What's on offer here?

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Get Your Beer Fest On – UK Pub Rocks a 19-Day Festival

Beer festivals are nothing new here in the States. It seems like every state has their own spring or summer festival. Just take a look at the weeklong festival held in Arizona, one of the best in the nation. However, the UK also does things up right when it comes to festivals. In fact, there's one pub across The Pond that is doing their best to make the entire world sit up and take notice. The pub is called The Jack Fairman, and it's located in Horley, Surrey, Great Britain. The 19-day beer festival is drawing attention throughout the UK and the world.

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Arizona Beer Week – Get Your Fest On!

All around the nation, things are gearing up for spring. You can't walk into a local department store without being confronted by things like swimsuits and shorts for sale (this despite the fact that you're likely as not bundled up against the bitter winter chill). However, if you want an inspiring sign that spring is on its way, you only need to look to Arizona, where the first annual Arizona Beer Week is kicking off on February 19. Arizona Beer Week is just one of the many events held in this craft beer-loving state. 

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The Beer Brewing Oscars

For most people, the arrival of February means Valentine's Day is at hand. It's a time to find the perfect gift to tell that special someone just how much they mean to you. However, for some of the world's beer brewers, it means it's time to gear up for competition. The Brewing Industry International Awards happens in February, described by some as the brewing Oscars. This year's competition and award ceremony sees some of the best beers and breweries from around the world come to Burton-on-Trent, in Britain.

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Plan Your Spring Beer Fest!

While winter hasn't exactly ended yet, and snow continues to dump down across much of the US, things are heating up in another area. Spring beer fests are in the works – most beer lovers will only have to wait until April to get their dose of craft beer fun and enjoyment. What are some of the top festivals that will be happening across the nation this spring? Here's a glimpse of things to come!

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Craft Beer Goes to the Big Screen

Beer is no stranger to the silver screen. It features prominently in quite a few movies, from images of frosty mugs to blatant plugs for sponsors. However, beer is coming to the big screen in a new way this coming April. Dogfish Head Craft Brewery and Alamo Drafthouse have teamed up for a killer one-two punch, the Off-Centered Film Festival, billed as "off-center movies for off-center people." It might be described as "off-center films BY off-center people" equally as well.

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Russian Imperial Stout – Resurrecting a Recipe

Russian Imperial stout has been brewed by craft brewers for some time. It’s a heavily flavored brew, with a high alcohol content. The brew originated in London and got its name because it was imported to Russia. The high alcohol content was a necessity, rather than a creative option. It was needed to protect the beer from spoiling on the long journey and to protect it from freezing, as well. The original recipe, once used to brew beer that was shipped to the court of Catherine the Great II, has been born anew thanks to the inventiveness and labor of several brewers in the UK and a competition called, The Great Baltic Adventure.

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