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Sexism and Craft Beer: A Bad Pairing

Beer pairing has come a long way from the days when you might gulp a Budweiser while gnawing on a piece of pizza or down a Coors Light with your burger. In fact, an entire industry has grown up around beer and food pairings, beer and music pairings, beer and art pairings and more. However, not all such combinations are good things. For example, take sexism and craft beer. That’s definitely a fusion that we should all strive to avoid, from breweries to beer lovers. 


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Should Beer Distribution Laws Change with the Times?

Once upon a time, there was little regulation in the beer/alcohol industry. Breweries, distilleries and wineries were able to sell what they wanted, when they wanted, where they wanted. The creator was in control. That led to problems – “intemperance” was the word used to describe the situation. Then came Prohibition, and breweries were put out of business, forced to change tacks completely, or went underground. Of course, Prohibition was eventually repealed 13 years after going into effect, but things didn’t go back to the pre-Prohibition norm. Most US states adopted what’s called the three-tier system, and it remains in place for many states today, stifling success and putting unnecessary restrictions on craft brewers.


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Wisconsin Craft Brewers See Light at the End of the Tunnel despite Roadblocks

The world of craft brewing has grown enormously throughout the United States, though Wisconsin is one of the most heavily involved states in the Union. Wisconsin has always had a strong position in the brewing industry, and home brewers in the state have a tradition of creating unique, quality brews that can’t be found elsewhere. Those home brewers were dealt a serious blow back in 2011 when the state government slapped a ban on transporting beer outside the home.

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Buy Local – A Blessing or Curse for Craft Brewers?

One of the most significant trends emerging in the modern world is the shift to “buying local”. More and more people are choosing to support local butchers, farmers, dairies and other businesses. While prices might be slightly higher when shopping with smaller organizations rather than the “big boys”, the benefit to the local economy is certainly significant. However, the “buy local” situation can be problematic for many, particularly for small brewers trying to remain afloat in an increasingly competitive industry. What’s the issue here? Let’s take a peek at why buying local might not always be possible (or preferable) for local breweries.

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