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Eco-Friendly Beer – What Green Really Means for Today’s Craft Brewers

Going green has been embraced by a tremendous number of breweries, both large and small. You will find eco-friendly brewing solutions that range from harnessing solar power to buying greenhouse emissions credits. However, there are a handful of breweries that are taking things more than just one step further. Some truly innovative solutions have emerged when it comes to protecting the environment and greening up the planet. 

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Green Brewing Grows in Popularity

Green is one of the hottest buzzwords of the century. More and more focus is being placed on sustainability, environmental protection and conservation on resources in all industries and that includes craft brewing (and big beer, too, of course). It is interesting to note the number of breweries that are going green in one way or another.

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The Move toward Greener Beer Packaging

When you think of beer packaging, chances are that you immediately think of the cardboard six-pack holder or the cardboard case. However, packaging goes far beyond what keeps your beer bottles or cans together. The largest consideration in beer packaging is actually those very bottles and cans! There is a growing movement toward greening up this aspect of the industry.

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