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Higher Beer Prices on the Way as Barley Costs Increase

There are three main costs to brewing beer, whether that's beer at a major international brewery or with a microbrewery – labor, bottles or cans and barley. The cost of brewing your favorite beverage is set to increase in the not too distant future thanks to a massive shortfall in one of those three categories. Barely is increasing in price around the world, and that cost will be passed on to breweries. Canada is one of the two largest exporters of malting barley in the world, and 2010 marked the worst harvest for our northern neighbor in a very long time.

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All about Wheat Beer

When you consider beer, you're more talking about a beverage made from grains – both barley and wheat play an important role in the brewing process. However, there are some types of beer that rely heavily on the use of wheat. These wheat beers offer specific characteristics and flavors, as well. Often, they are lighter in color than those brews that use a higher concentration of barley, which provides a dark, heavier body. 

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