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Hard Cider – An Ap-Peeling Addition to Big Beer?

Hard cider has become one of the most visible segments of the craft brewing industry and has a marked appeal (or should that be ap-peel?) with both men and women. Hard cider offers quite a lot, from a taste that differs immensely from beer to historical roots deep in American culture. With those benefits, cider is also gaining a lot of notice from Big Beer these days and the purchase of Crispin Cider Company by MillerCoors shows just how attractive big brewers are finding the fermented apple beverage. What’s to know about hard cider?

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Stella Artois Taps the Cider Industry

Cider has been around for a very long time (in both hard and soft varieties). Hard cider was one of the staple beverages of Colonial America, and was enjoyed more widely than beer or liquor in its time. However, cider sales eventually dropped and it was replaced by beer in most US markets, at least until recently. However, the love for alcoholic apple juice never left Britain, and the nation is actually the largest consumer of cider in the world. Now, Stella Artois is about to tap into the market.

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