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Who Benefits from a Craft Beer Guide?

Craft beer is all the rage today – you’ll find it being served everywhere from your local brewpub to the White House. With that popularity has come an incredible diversity of brands and styles, too. You will find a rich experience in the world of craft beer, but it can be a confusing place for those new to the industry. This is where a craft beer guide comes into play. What is a craft beer guide and who can benefit from one?

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Craft Brewing – Coming to a College Near You?

It's no secret that America's craft brew industry has hit all time highs. Craft beer is almost anywhere you look these days, from your local watering hole to beer fests that draw in crowds from around the nation. However, it might be somewhere that you didn't expect to find it – in your local education system. There is at least one college in Washington offering brewing courses – is there one in your area?

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Craft Beers Enjoy a Rise in Popularity

To the casual observer, it might seem like major national and international breweries still dominate the US beer market, and, at least to some extent, that is true.  You'll have no problem finding a six-pack of Budweiser at your local convenience store, but it might take some doing to get your hands on a six-pack of Sweetwater Ale, unless you live within the brewery's limited distribution range.  However, for those looking deeper at the industry, craft beers have enjoyed a considerable surge in popularity.

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