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Porter vs. Stout – The Battle of the Dark Beers

For many Americans, dark beer is something to be avoided. It's scary – the full body and complex flavor characteristics are so completely different from Budweiser that many people shy away on impulse. However, if you do venture into the realm of dark beer, you'll find several delicious varieties to choose from. The two primary options are porter and stout – what's the difference, though? Which is better? In the battle of porter vs. stout, who wins?

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Dark Days for Craft Beer Ahead

The times are looking dark for craft beer – dark in color, that is.  The winter is traditionally reserved for heavier, darker beers, and with spring still some time off, there are plenty of opportunities to find out what dark beers offer.  In fact, a growing number of beer lovers prefer to have dark brews throughout the year.  Whether you are just looking for a seasonal dark or you want a dark beer that will take you through to next winter, there are plenty of options out there.

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