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The Rise of Hops Growing in Michigan

When you think of craft beer in the US, where do your thoughts turn first? You might think of Portland or Seattle. You might think of Denver, Colorado. Even Maine is getting back into the act here. However, Michigan is also becoming known for their hops varieties. The state is home to a vibrant craft beer industry, but it goes a bit deeper than just a lot of folks brewing beer in their garages. The state seems poised to make significant headway in growing this essential brewing ingredient though no one really expects them to knock the leading states out of the running. 

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What Are Noble Hops?

We're all familiar with the fact that hops are found in our beer. Many of us even prefer "highly hopped" brews. If you have paid attention at all to the beverages you're consuming, then you know that hops are an integral part of the brewing process and have probably at least heard of noble hops. What are they, though? Let's take a closer look at the four noble varieties and what makes them "noble."

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