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The (Slightly Frightening) Approval Process for Beer Labels

You have probably heard about the controversy involving Port Brewing Company's beer label for their Witch's Wit ale. It's made national headlines, and caused the company no end of grief.  How did the label get approved in the first place if it's so offensive?  Actually, beer labels have to undergo a considerable amount of scrutiny before being allowed to actually grace a bottle in public.  What's the process?

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Style and Substance or Controversy – Beer Label Designs

We all know and love the labels that come on our preferred beer – whether you're a fan of the harp logo on Guinness or the leaping trout in Sweetwater products.  However, there is a lot of time, effort and money that goes into creating the design of beer labels.  This is done to create an impression that resonates with us beer drinkers – but sometimes it can backfire.

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