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Beer Pairing Dinners – Coming to a City Near You?

Wine and food pairings have long been popular. You’ll find guides written on the subject, experts who will help you find the best food to pair with a particular type of wine (or vice versa) and restaurants that operate on the same premise. The same has not been true for beer, at least in the past. Things are changing these days, though. It’s becoming easier for the avid craft beer fan to pair their preferred brews with different meal options. Of course, not everyone has the same options but you might be surprised at some of what’s available to you.

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Pairing Beer with Food – A Brief How To Guide

Wine and food pairings are nothing new. There are hundreds of years' worth of study behind these pairings. However, beer shouldn't be left out of the meal planning. In fact, you'll find that there are tons of different dishes that pair well with different brews. The secret lies in knowing what types of foods different brews pair best with. Here are some simple guidelines to get you started pairing brews with meals.

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