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Innovation Keeps the Craft Beer World Fresh

The term “Indy” has become a hot topic lately. The eBook revolution, Indy music, craft beer – they all hold true to the roots of independent creating and a dedication to doing things their own way. The craft brewing world has certainly come a long way since it started growing several years ago and throughout it all many breweries have managed to not only find success, but to grow despite the ongoing economic problems. How have they managed to do that? It’s by keeping things fresh. Not necessarily the beer, though that’s fresh too, but by implementing innovation in their operations and keeping their brewery fresh in the minds of beer drinkers. What kind of innovation is going on in the craft brew world?

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New Marketing Tangents for Beer Makers of All Sizes

No matter how good your brew might be, if people don't know about it, then your brewery won't be successful.  This is certainly a loss for beer lovers all over the nation (people like us), but can result in that brewery's offerings vanishing from the market altogether.  To combat this problem and to help themselves stand out from the crowd, breweries all around the world are taking new marketing tangents to help get the word out. 

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