Dark Lite Initiative (DLI) is a division of the Bravo Alpha Foundation , a 501 (C)(3) nonprofit community outreach organization.


To identify causes, effects and prevention methodologies that will halt the nationwide epidemic in the United States that is veteran suicides.



Reduce the rate of veteran suicides by engaging medical and mental health experts to research and develop more effective treatment programs while maintaining awareness of this issue with all levels of domestic government and the general public at large.


my will to fight is greater

than my desire to die



The Founder of Dark Lite Initiative (DLI), is a Marine veteran with multiple tours of combat that include Afghanistan and Iraq. He deals with Post Traumatic Stress (PTS), survivor’s guilt, anxiety, depression and in September of 2014, lost two fellow senior Marine Staff Non-commissioned Officers within a matter of weeks from suicide. 

This impetus and frustrated from his own experiences, he established DLI with the desire of moving action forward that is proactive, not just reactive when dealing with the crisis that is veteran suicides with the belief that he may be able to help others. With the assistance of friends and family, he started a quasi-biofeedback campaign to gain better insight on how to deal with his issues. Through this action discoveries were made to include, identifying many other veterans having the same process or going through similar steps. 

Some key revelations made were:

-Some therapies developed for PTS actually make PTS, survivor’s guilt, anxiety and depression worse.

-You can’t treat these issues alone and requires trust without judgement from individuals that the veteran can confide in.

-Mental, physical and spiritual health are all interlinked and you can’t isolate/treat just one area without considering the other two.

-It affects all ranks, races, sexes with no regard for level of traumatic experience or educational level.

-There is an abundance and over use of prescription medications that are prescribed by medical personnel to treat symptoms. Many times these medications have adverse reactions with other prescription drugs that are being taken by the veteran and exacerbating the situation.

Another key discovery was identifying a process that he would mentally go through when dealing with everyday life that would cause mental attitudes or feelings of depression, anxiety, etc. This is a working model that he has been working on since September 2014. While he is not a medical professional per se, this model has been verified as competent by other veterans experiencing the same or similar symptoms. We call it the Moral Atonement Disruption (MAD) Theory.

MAD Theory is defined as:

Moral – Ethical; relating to or concerned with the principles of right or wrong.
Atonement – Satisfaction or reparation for a wrong or injury. Making amends.
Disruption – Forcible separation or division into parts.

Dark Light or the alternate word for Light which is Lite, is a term used to describe the color seen by the eye in perfect darkness. Another term used is the German word Eigengrau. Eigengrau which translated means “intrinsic gray” with the meaning being “own gray”. It is the literal meaning that we feel is relevant and the whole point of MAD Theory, is the continual exposure to a lack of humanism’s (We are talking about the philosophical and ethical stance that places value on our fellow humans) right and wrong or what we commonly refer to as black and white. Many times it is said nothing is black or white, right or wrong in a combat zone and everything is shades of grey which we believe leads to a veteran’s demise (the start of MAD Theory for the person) as you continually find yourself shredding your moral and ethical compass in order to accomplish your mission.