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Thank you for your interest in obtaining an NCHA license plate. We have to receive 300 sign ups before the NC DMV will print and issue the plates. Once that happens, we will be contacting you directly to assist in finalizing your registration.



North Carolina Homebrewers Alliance (NCHA) is a division of the Bravo Alpha Foundation, a 501 (C)(3) nonprofit community outreach organization and is governed by a committee of homebrewers.


Establish, promote and protect homebrewers rights in North Carolina while educating lawmakers and the general public on the benefits that a thriving statewide homebrewing community can provide. 


Unify all North Carolina homebrewers regardless if they are affiliated with a homebrew club or not. Provide a unified "voice" when engaging state legislatures and North Carolinans. Pass legislation dubbed Operation Liberate Homebrew that is currently in the State Senate as S.B. 604.

Join the North Carolina Homebrewers Alliance today by clicking on the button below and signing up. Joining is free, quick and easy. Simply click on the button below, fill out the form and click submit. 

Unity is Strength


The NCHA was founded out of necessity while organizing support for Operation Liberate Homebrew.


The NCHA defines a homebrewer as one that brews/makes his or her own beer (or other alcoholic beverages). There are 996 registered American Homebrewers Association (AHA) members in North Carolina and homebrew clubs in the state report 4189 members in 2017. According to our statistics, there is a total of 27,795 homebrewers in North Carolina! Time to put those numbers to work. Join us, take a stand and help the NCHA protect and defend our rights as homebrewers.



If your North Carolina homebrew club is not listed below, send us your club's logo in JPEG format with a minimum size of 500 by 500 pixels. Include in your submission a primary and secondary point of contact to include name, email address, mailing address and phone number. Also include your club's website, social media links, etc. Thanks!

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