New Bern, North Carolina is our home and where we were founded. The devastation that has taken place with the mass flooding will leave you speechless. As we launch this fundraising campaign via T-shirt, Sticker, etc. sales, our town has experienced mandatory evacuations along with a police enforced curfew. Many are still with out a home, job, etc.

However, New Bern is not the only area that has been affected by Hurricane Florence. Up and down the southern east coast, similar small towns like New Bern along with large cities has felt Flo’s effect, especially in the Carolinas.

We are pleased to have the opportunity to partner up with Leslie Andrew Designs in this campaign fundraiser. ALL net proceeds will go to charity and directly to those that have been affected.

The number of people that we can help in need depends entirely on you! Buy one or all of these items for yourself or a loved one. Regardless if you live in the Carolina’s or not, YOU ARE Carolina Strong, YOU ARE New Bern Strong.