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Thank you for your interest in the Bravo Alpha Foundation Scholarship program. Because of your support and that of our sponsors below, we are excited to offer this opportunity. 

We are big advocates and supporters of education. We feel education is important, it has the propensity to make you more effective during your lifetime and holistically makes our communities better places to live in. If you can say yes to the following questions, then you qualify to apply!

-Are you a resident and attending school in North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Michigan, Colorado, Oregon or Wisconsin? (Active duty military and dependents need only to be a resident or stationed in the states listed)

-Are you currently a full time student or will be this coming fall as defined by your college or university?

-Are you a degree seeking student? (Associate, Bachelors, etc.)

-Is the school you are attending an accredited institution and/or program that is nationally recognized by the U.S. Department of Education?

If you said yes to all of the above, then congratulations! You’ll are eligible to apply for the Bravo Alpha Foundation Scholarship program and have a chance at being selected to receive one of our many scholarships ranging in size from $2500 - $500. Please download the application below and follow all the directions listed.  

Applications must be postmarked and/or received between 1 January - 15 March. ANY application outside of this date range will not be accepted.


Todd M. Siebert Memorial Scholarship presented by Bengel Hospitality

Ryan E. Lekosky Memorial Scholarship presented by Beer Army Burger Company


Robert E. Carr Memorial Scholarship presented by JC Jackson Builders

Clifford L. Smith Memorial Scholarship presented by Uptown Brewing Company


Nancy C. Burd Memorial Scholarship Presented by Amoretti

Aaron A. Kent Memorial Scholarship Presented by Kenny Farmer